Blockchain and cryptos are the global hype everybody is talking about, although very few understand what they are about.

Anonymous, fast, dynamic and decentralised: cryptocurrencies are independent digital currencies that can be used to purchase goods and services in real life. They have recently become also an extraordinary market to invest in thanks to their extreme volatility. Many sustain that they will one day represent a true alternative to central banks.

The cryptocurrencies exchange markets are extremely liquid, in full expansion and they are open 24/7.

For this reason, the course “Trading Cryptocurrencies” comprise a theoretical session and a real trading session in the real market.

This is the first and only course in Europe to really step into the encrypted Bitcoin world: you will learn about may promising cryptocurrencies and the techniques to make profit on the short as well as on the long term.

This 2-day full immersion will cover:
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • How to open your first account and how to convert EUR in cryptocurrencies
  • How to buy and manage wallets
  • How to buy the main cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum)
  • How to spot the new, high-potential cryptos
  • How to protect your profits
  • Which trading indicator to use to enter and exit the cryptocurrency market at the right moment
  • How mining works
  • How to open your accounts on the main exchange platforms
  • The secret that very few know to make even more money without having to wait for cryptos to increase their value: short trading on cryptos.
  • Investing for the long, short and very short term scalping on cryptos
  • Why the combination of cryptos and Forex is becoming the best trading system
  • How to use cryptos to buy goods and services in the real world.
  • 87 MLN di €
    The capital generated by the participants to this course
  • 1.300 +
    Satisfied customers
  • 37
    Editions of this course, always sold-out
This seminar is meant for:
  • Who wants to understand how digital currencies work and why they can truly revolutionize the world
  • Who has never tried financial trading and wants to start with an innovative instrument
  • Expert traders who want to diversify their investment with highly speculative instruments
  • Digital nomads of any country, age and education: bitcoin is a global digital currency anybody which can approach

  • 100% money back if you are not satisfied with the course
    If you are not satisfied after the 1st day, we will refund you the entire price paid for the course.
Course Trading

Trading Cryptocurrencies21 - 22 september 2018

  • Next edition21 - 22 september 2018
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2.490,00(VAT excluded)

  • Guarantees • Money back if you are not satisfied with the course
  • Bonus • The Seminar Handbook


The price includes:
  • The Seminar Handbookwith plenty of practical advices, models and tools that will help you accelerating the success of your company
Trading Cryptocurrencies
Next edition 21 - 22 september 2018
Guarantees • Money back if you are not satisfied with the course
Bonus • The Seminar Handbook

Become a successful trader for only:

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