How to get rich by trading quickly and effortlessly

Becoming rich by trading quickly and effortlessly is a dream.

Of course, with trading you can definitely become rich. But not quickly and not without difficulty. Well, at least, not without difficulty.

This is not the effort of a blue collar worker or even an employee who gets up every morning at 6 am to spend 8 hours in the office being hounded by the boss, or even that of the entrepreneur who works 14 hours a day, Saturdays and Sundays.

It is true, the trader does not know long hours like this.The trader’s effort is mental and psychological, but no less real.

Then the result can certainly be wealth and Caribbean holidays. It can be financial freedom. But this result costs: are you willing to pay the price?
There are four areas in which you have to pay the price to become a successful trader.

You have to study

Attending seminars is fine because you see things, you compare with trainers who also know other traders, get to know people like you who are learning and with whom you can create a real “team of traders” who support each other and give and receive advice (there is no competition between traders as in other businesses as you cannot “steal a client).

But it is only the beginning. In trading – and I would say in life, but certainly in trading – you never stop learning.

On the other hand, why does a profession that can make you richer than a surgeon or famous lawyer require much less study?

There is no need to study six years before you start to practice, as with doctors (and also for lawyers if you consider traineeship and state examinations). It can be done with a course over a weekend to learn the basics and start practicing. But do not forget to keep on studying.

Then there is the practice, starting with “paper trading“, trading with virtual money, but all the rest of it is real. How much practice? It depends on you, but if you give yourself a goal of making at least 1000 virtual trades it won’t be wrong.

To make 1000 trades (choose them, do them, wait for the results, analyze the results) you need time.

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You have to invest time

If you want to lose money by trading, the best way is to trade in your spare time. If it is a hobby, then you will get the results of a hobby, basically zero.

Trading is a business and should be treated as such. And so you have to dedicate some time.

Do you have another job? Ok, first you will need to steal time for sleeping, hobbies and family. Invest your time wisely, because it is the most precious thing you have. Learn to define and use your objectives, prepare a plan and follow it.

But time is not the only investment you need to do trading.

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You have to invest money

With real estate you can do invest without using your money, but there is no system for trading with “zero money.” You have to invest to trade. Or, rather, to have a minimum capital that you can afford to lose. I am not saying you have to lose it, but be prepared to do that, making all the right mistakes, you could lose your capital.

Of course, studying, practicing and approaching trading as a business, you will minimize the possibility of losing your capital. But it can happen and it should not be the money that you need to live.

And do not think of replacing capital with leverage. It is useless to put € 500 in Forex with leverage 100 and think you have 50,000 Euros, of course it is not like that. That would be so if the trade goes well, but if the trade goes wrong and you are using too much leverage, you burn your capital in an instant.

Several thousand Euros of investment capital must be considered. plus everything you need to invest for training.
No, there is no trading “without money.”

You should have read my free trading ebooks. If you have not already done so, you can download ebooks on trading in options, Forex and Commodities

And finally … the psychology of trading

After you have studied, practiced with virtual trading and opened your account with real money … the big moment comes when you make your first trade: there is your money going into the market. Will you be able to stand the tension?

It is natural for almost everyone to experience a long and painful process of acquiring the right trading psychology.

One of my student could not sleep at night when he had open operations … virtually! Clearly it was very difficult for him to acquire the right trading psychology.

It is a work in itself and you are not ready to face it naturally because society does not educate traders. You must educate yourself, not only at the technical level, but also at the psychological level.

So as you see, I am the first to say that becoming a trader is not easy and there is a price to pay. But, unlike other professions, I believe that anyone can learn and also relatively quickly.

I am against those who say that you have to be a genius with dozens of years of experience and even this is not enough and that trading is for a few chosen ones.

Trading is for everyone. For all those who are willing, with humility, tenacity and courage to pay the right price for achieving financial freedom with one of the most fantastic methods that exist.

See you at the next appointment with your financial freedom,
Alfio Bardolla

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