How I made 100% in 2 weeks with PokemonGo

I really enjoyed the latest success in the digital game world, PokemonGo.

I’m not saying that I just went around Milan with my iphone in hand to get coffee at Arnold Coffee, where I discovered they had hidden the little monsters, but I also really enjoyed seeing what happened to Nintendo’s shares on the Stock Exchange.

The way the Japanese technology giant soared in the stock portfolio would have made you feel the same enthusiasm as if Pokemon had just captured a “Pikachu”! Indeed, much more, I can assure you … I don’t know if all of you can become good Pokemon players, but all of you have the potential to earn good money on the stock market – even when markets are unstable — and the case of Nintendo proves this.


For those of you unaware, let me tell you what happened on the Stock Exchange. After July 6 the game in virtual reality version, or to put it correctly “augmented reality”, the shares that Nintendo finally put on the market gained around 100% in a couple of weeks.

Have I been clear? It has doubled the investment of those who believed in the opportunity represented by the launch of the new game giving plenty of time to sell calmly before the quotes turned in the other direction.
And I assure you that this was not at all difficult to understand.

On the one hand there was the idea of a game tied to a name known by millions and millions of people around the world; on the other there was an emerging technology, augmented reality, that no one had previously thought applied. It is a playful look , fun, and not just informative as it has always been presented before.


What were the numbers resulting from the marriage of PokemonGo and an emerging technology? When PokemonGo was launched, there were 21 million downloads from the Apple Store and Android version in the US alone. So it became “the most downloaded online game in the history of the United States”, beating all other applications.

You must have an open mind to change. One of the factors to consider is the development of new technologies. Technology increases the impact on people’s lives: if you have the ability to measure this impact, it is simple enough to earn a lot of money.

The story of PokemonGo is important because it shows that, more and more, emerging technologies allow companies and small investors to earn. If you are careful here, you can use all these tools and solutions that will allow you to free up time, improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity. It is a highway to financial freedom made up of many lanes. Of course, virtual reality and video games will do it. But also everything else that revolves around the Internet, such as E-commerce, software, always-connected devices and online advertising.

Catch’em ALL!

Certainly the Nintendo team of subsidiary programmers that produced PokemonGo were able to dream. And give birth to a very successful game.
I never tire of repeating it: not all those who dream get results, but all those who get results are dreamers.

Starting from a simple idea, a whole world was born: public involvement on a global level, shares on the Stock Exchange that doubled in a couple of weeks, and the whole future of a multi-national company affected by this unique event.

The new Nintendo game was the first great mass augmented reality event. And I discovered that it even came to my café, Arnold Coffee, in Milan’s central station.

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Alfio Bardolla

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