Beware of Forex offers that seem too good to be true

It’s likely that they are
How is it possible? Alfio Bardolla is saying not to do Forex trading?
Of course not! Forex is a fantastic way to create your financial freedom.

But I wanted to write this article to warn you. Because the Forex market is becoming an increasingly strange market and in strange situations you can lose and encounter unpleasant things.

To better understand this article, you should have read the free ebook on forex that I wrote. If you have not already read it, you can download it from here.

For this reason, let’s do a little experiment together…
Click on this link and look at the page that appears.

Did you see it?

An infinite number of trading accounts offered. When I wrote this article (maybe when you read this article the content of the page will be different) here is what I read:

  • Platform and tutor in Italian try with $100, deposits online
  • Service and platform in Italian. Open a Free Trial Account!
  • FOREX Trading at reduced margins on dozens of currency crosses. Free Demo
  • Start Trading With A Free $ 50,000 Demo Account. Play Before Pay!
  • Bonus 800 free unlimited Tutorial!
  • Fear of Losing Money? Not With Us. The Leverage is right, Try for Free
  • Forex – Money Spread 0.5 / Leverage up to 1: 500

and there are many more offers out there just like these

Like giving a Ferrari to a teenager

Imagine a brand new Ferrari 430. It’s brand new, red and beautiful, with an engine that gives you a punch in the stomach when you accelerate. This car has 483 of brute force horsepower and can do 0-100 km / h in 3.5 seconds. A truly wonderful vehicle, and it’s necessary that you drive it with care.

Now imagine that you are not at the wheel of this beautiful car, but instead it is your teenage son.You give him the keys and he skids the car while you scream to stop … crash!

The Ferrari 430 is a Forex account. The teenager is you.

A teenager can definitely get this Ferrari going and step on the gas and keep it on the road for a few hundred meters … but he does not have a driving license. The teenager driving the Ferrari will crash immediately. If you open a Forex account or a free account with 800 € in gifts and 500 leverage, you will crash right away.

With the circumstances operating in aggregate the way they do, maybe you had 800 Euros in gifts or you started with a few hundred euros, and you think, “I will just give it another shot”. And you put in more money. And then it crashes. And you put in more money. And then it crashes. And so on.

Forex is just like a Ferrari. It’s fast paced, it gives you adrenaline, and it can give you great satisfaction, but only if you know how to handle it.

But if you do not know how to drive – and it seems easy to drive – Forex can make you lose a lot of money.

Precisely because it is so simple to use, you have to get a driving license: to study what you need to study, to do driving school with trading as a virtual course and learn from trainers who follow you when you’re first getting started.

Forex is a gigantic business, use it well and to your advantage.

Ok, now that I have told you all the negative aspects to make you understand that it is not a bed of roses, I will tell you the good things about Forex of which there are many.

I invite you to read or re-read my introductory article on Forex to show you that I think it is really an excellent trading method to create financial freedom quickly.

I will reassure you on a very important point: with Forex you will not easily lose large amounts of money. You will never lose more than what you put in as a margin on your trade. The risk is not infinite and you will not run the risk of having to sell your house if you messed up (this can happen with other trading tools).

The problem of Forex trading, if anything, is its operational simplicity. You can only work on one title and learn one strategy and you can see the trading results in a few minutes. Some traders have said that “Forex is like a video game.”

Forex is not a video game, but it is a gigantic business. Let’s go back a moment and look back to those Google ads. These brokers’ ads cost a lot of money, several thousands of euro per day. How can they afford to place these ads? Because the profits for brokers are exceptional. And mostly they receive these exceptional payments from inexperienced traders! Don’t be fooled. Don’t be one of them!

Why I don’t recommend a free seminar offered by a broker

The job that I do on Forex is much less profitable, but very important.

My job is to teach you how to do Forex trading. In fact, I created the very first ever seminar in Italy about Forex and it is still the most popular.

It’s a two-day seminar, where you can see Forex trading in real time. You learn how it works, what the problems are and how to solve them as well as the excellent opportunities. In this seminar you learn methods for Forex that will make you a lot of money. I am the only person in Italy who can teach you some of these methods.

There are many free seminars on the market offered by various brokers. But they will show you the simplicity of Forex and the big gains, but they will never really teach you how to “drive” and to become a Forex expert like I can.

The goal is to get you to open your account, not to teach you about Forex.

There are other paid seminars in Italy, not just mine. If they are done by serious people and cost what they should cost, they are ok. But the free seminars offered by Forex brokers … there is a conflict of interest, don’t you think? (And who pays? You, of course). Forex is a fantastic way to achieve your financial freedom and I suggest learning its technicalities as well as you can.

But do not trust anyone who tells you “it’s easy, free, just open your account and become instantly rich, here are the keys, do you wanna drive?.”

Study, learn, practice and then … enjoy your Ferrari! (Maybe one that you can buy with the money you earned with Forex!)

Until the next appointment with your financial freedom,

Alfio Bardolla

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