Why investing in real estate is a “natural” investment

In previous articles you have seen that property is the best investment to create financial freedom.

Basically, because it is the best and, might be, the only investment in which banks willingly lend you money. And we have seen that investing with other people’s money is the real secret of wealth.

In this article I want to discuss a final element that makes real estate investment an increasingly attractive investment, even and especially in times of crisis..

It is an almost commonplace element and inherent in real estate, but there is where its strength lies. People will always need a roof over their head.

It is a fact: the human population continues to grow. It continues to need places to live. And the space available on Earth cannot be increased.

What does this mean? That real estate investment has a steady growth and it is in demand! That if you buy in the right places and the right time, certainly your investment will grow in value.

Sure, there are bubbles with property values rising and falling, but that’s part of the game: an investor is able to understand the market and knows when to buy and when to sell.

Specifically, there are some rules regarding real estate investment that are explained in my seminar Investing in Real Estate, and that I will talk about in another article.

But, in general, whoever buys when others are selling and sells when others are buying makes money. So, if the news is on the real estate crisis, it is an excellent time to invest in real estate because you can make big deals purchasing. Conversely, if the market rises, then it can be difficult to buy and make money.

The investor thinks the opposite compared with common buyers. As you can see it is the opposite point of view compared with those who buy houses for themselves. They are happy when prices rise because they believe that their home value will increase, and vice versa.

But an investor is the one who is financially free (or wants to be) and usually sees things in an opposite manner compared with the majority. Have you ever noticed this?

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As you can see, such a logical and obvious fact as world population growth brings a concrete and unstoppable effect: the increase in value of real estate and land. Clearly not continuous, and not always in the same place.
It is the ability of an investor to understand where and when to invest but, even here, common sense helps. Common sense and the ability to assess situations objectively and without being influenced by what affects common people but ,rather, thinking almost always opposite compared to common people.

Here, in summary, is the secret of who has become rich. Can you also learn how to behave like this? Definitely you can!

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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