How to sell property with a real estate agent

Now that you have bought a property for investment, how are you going to sell it?

In this first of two articles I will explain how to use, to your advantage, the most widespread system of real estate selling: the real estate agent.

There are two valuable ways and my advice, in general, is to use both: the goal is always the same, to sell as soon as possible and at the best possible price.

Who sells real estate in Europe?

Real estate agents dominate with 55% of sales on the total market
Sale by owner comes in second with 31%
● Other channels take up 14%

Selling with a real estate agent

As I have said many times, if you are a real estate investor you need to have an effective team. In this team, you will need to have estate agents who will sell the property.

It makes no difference if it is an associated agent in a large multi-national firm or if it is an independent chain. Large agencies may have more traffic in potential buys which can be an advantage and they also have more money to publish in specialized magazines.

But your real estate agent partners must be able to find suitable buyers, regardless of who comes into the agency and the ad publications.

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Exclusive or not?

Maybe you think – and the agency obviously will tell you – that giving your property exclusively to one agent is a better idea when selling your property.

My experience is this: I do not give exclusive right to my properties and, in this way, I have many agents simultaneously working for me. Maybe they don’t do as good of a job as one single agent would do, but I have much more exposure to people looking at my property and therefore it sells faster.

So: DO NOT GIVE THE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT to your property, but use more agents competing with each other.

Is it worth using a real estate agent?

In my opinion, even though you have to pay them it is better to use a real estate agent. Not only is it worth it concerning the sale, but it is always useful to create a business relationship for the future.

Because not only will you sell other properties (and they always treat you better when they realize that you are an investor), but they can also tell you when other investment opportunities come up in which they think you will be interested.

A good real estate agent (they are not all good, you have to try and experiment) can be a key partner for your work as a real estate investor.

So my recommendation to you is: Create your own network of real estate agents and partners and pay them what they deserve. You will not regret it.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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