Why you need Financial Freedom to achieve your dreams

One of my favorite concepts, and one which I often discuss both in my books and in my classes is Financial Freedom.

You’ll notice that I do not like to call myself a financial expert but rather a Financial Coach, that is someone who – just like your personal gym trainer – will help you get financial results. I will give you, in fact, some tools that will allow you to increase your financial well-being.

Definition of Financial Freedom

Financial freedom, as I define it, is a way of life. Try to think of money the same way you think about health or physical fitness. In fact, just as we should try to eat properly and do sports and outdoor activities, we should also keep fit from a financial point of view.
Financial freedom and your dreams.

You might wonder why I decided to give this paragraph this title. It is because the concept of financial freedom is closely connected to our dreams and our future ambitions!

The main problem is that, in the society we live in, it is hard to have time to follow our dreams. How many times have you heard someone say “you cannot do it; it’s too risky; if the idea is so good then why hasn’t someone else thought of it before, if it were so easy someone else would have done it already”.

But dreams are important, like having time to follow your own nature or your life mission. What are the most common dreams that people have?

  • The first dream is to change one’s way of life: a bigger house, fast cars or having more time to spend with family.
  • The second dream is to help bring about a better world. The desire and the dream of helping people in need: to create a foundation, to give hope to those who have none, and so on. They are all desires and dreams that are closely related to financial freedom.
  • The third dream is to become a better person. To get rich and to become stronger both from an emotional point of view and from a mental point of view. To be able to face challenges, to achieve goals and to acquire new good habits.

All such dreams (which are not necessarily in order) correspond to ambitions, but most people live in the past, not in the future, and they remain anchored to the dreams that they have achieved a long time ago.

Financial freedom and thinking big!

Another mistake people make is planning on a small scale instead of dreamng and planning on a large scale. You must create some big dreams if you want to get anywhere in life!

Thinking small for fear of failure is among the most common psychological mechanisms: it allows you to avoid taking responsibility for the successes as well as the failures!
If you want to increase this capacity and, therefore, your finances you have to follow your dreams and your ambitions!
As Donald Trump said:

“Plan your future to become a billionaire, if everything goes wrong you will become a millionaire!”

To Your Financial Freedom

Alfio Bardolla

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