What Would You Do For Money?

Many believe that the rich are so because they compromised for money. And yet, everyone does something to get money in return. Even though they don’t realize it.

Everyone does something for money, even though they don’t realize it. For example:

  • There are some who put up with spending 10 hours a day next to colleagues they wouldn’t even have coffee with.
  • There are some who put up with working all night and going to bed when the rest of the world wakes up.
  • There are some who perform tasks they don’t like, just because they have rent to pay. The question is: what are you prepared to do for money? Or what are you already doing?

Are you prepared to put yourself on the line, sacrificing your weekends to study, are you prepared to risk having a project flop on you, or getting doors slammed in your face, having in mind a goal for a bright future?
Or are you prepared to work every night your entire life, haggling with your boss for vacation time every August, constantly heading back to the usual family home because the vacation budget is tight?

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Popular beliefs

If you want to change your viewpoint, and decide that you don’t want your life to be “constrained,” but you want to live to the fullest of your potential, it is crucial, first and foremost, to get rid of some beliefs: if you think that the rich are all crooks, and you don’t want to be one, you’ll never get rich.

As a matter of fact, many people’s gut feeling is that the rich gained money through dirty ways, or at least unfairly, and “they” don’t want to be dirty instead.

There is an underlying issue: these people don’t rely on objective data, but on popular beliefs. By this way of reasoning, they forget what they themselves do for money, perhaps considering themselves better, only because they are not rich.

The good news? It is by no means true that all rich people make money dishonestly, just like it’s not true that all rich people gained their money through inheritance.

For starters, 80% of millionaires are first generation, which means they made their fortune on their own: that’s the first myth busted by overwhelming stats.

Then again, “new town, same story,” there are crooks among the rich, as there are among the poor, and if you ponder how being rich doesn’t necessarily mean being bad, and how money doesn’t change people, and how, for money, you are making much bigger sacrifices than you anticipated making in your life, you will change the way you look at things.

If you think that denying you need to make money makes you free, you’ll be at its mercy even more than you were earlier, because you can’t keep it in check this way.

You can decide to give it all you’ve got for a few years of your life to learn how to make and manage your money, so as to ensure a better future for yourself, or you can spend your entire future in the mediocrity of a life that doesn’t even come close to what you were dreaming of as a child.

They persuaded you to believe that money entails worse compromises, when actually the worst compromise is the one that deteriorates your future and your present.

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Here’s to your financial independence!
Alfio Bardolla

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