The two trains and the hamster’s wheel

It is 8:27 and I am on the train to go to the airport. Suddenly the platform is full of people. They walk in the opposite direction to mine, women and men, with the look of those who are start their working day.

I am going to take a vacation, my businesses have been working well, and this week will not affect my cash flow: while on holiday I will continue my businesses, my activities will continue to work for me and earn me money. It nice to take a week off peak, when I want, away from the crowds of vacationers.

And while I think these things I see these two trains, mine for the airport and the commuter train. They are two trains leaving in two opposite directions: towards financial freedom or to work or what i would call: slavery.

Presently two opposite conceptions of life. And unfortunately only a small part of those people who are now walking in the direction of work, will understand that the other direction exists.

People who have attended my classes and read my books: they know how to get out of the hamster wheel.

Are you caught in the hamster’s wheel?

Let’s see? The hamster’s wheel is always an important time, both serious and humorous, my book Money makes You Happy speaks about this concept in depth.

It is a serious moment, because for many participants it will address the basics of their financial problems, it brings into the air, behavior that seems logical and natural, but that is devastating for finances
Maybe it is behavior that you also have.

For example.
Do you only have one source of income the one that comes from your paycheck? Have you got bad debts, debts for things that do not bring cash flow, but only consume it? Do you own the house, where you live, maybe with a thirty-year mortgage on your shoulders?

Do you not have any sources of automatic income or do you not even know what this means? Well, Welcome to the hamster’s wheel.

Have you ever seen a hamster on a wheel? They have to run, faster and faster and tired to death they stay in the same place. Because if they lose the rhythm the wheel will throw them into the air.
Does this situation seem similar to your financial situation?

Money makes you happy, is the book form where you can learn how to get out of the hamster wheel and gain financial freedom

Maybe you have a good salary, or maybe even two good salaries. But a big chunk goes to the mortgage of the house where you live, then there is the loan for the car, for the mobile, for the plasma TV and maybe you have one for the holiday in the Maldives.

Or maybe you’ve just become a father or mother and there are a lot of expenses that before you didn’t have and a bigger house and a larger car to buy. But these days you’re lucky just to have a good job.
Or, just your company has reduced the workforce and you’re out of work. Or your business is struggling and you’re working 15 hours a day just to pay the bills.

You are in the hamster’s wheel, and you keep running to avoid being overwhelmed and you will not get you anywhere. You have to change the way you gain (and spend) money.

In my book I explain with diagrams showing an income statement and equity, nothing complicated and during the seminar, you will know well what it’s all about and how to use it. Basically it the relationship between your income / expenses and payables / assets. I will explain how money moves, and how a type of path gives financial freedom and other paths bring you back inside the hamster’s wheel.

If you think, you are in the hamster’s wheel, what can you do today? Well, continue to inform yourself even reading these articles and trying to put into practice the concepts and change your behavior.

You’ve already started to get out of of the hamper’s wheel by reading this far, now go on your path with my books, audio-videos courses and seminars.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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