The story of Mason Wartman: who left Wall Street to feed the homeless

Are you still convinced that money does not bring happiness? Then I will tell you the story of Mason Wartman, a 27-year-old young man from Philadelphia

He was a successful financial analyst who left Wall Street to open a special pizzeria where customers can pay for the pizza for others who cannot do it.

Here the homeless have found the opportunity to have a hot meal and new opportunities and many were able to rebuild their lives.

Waldman’s story seemed to be like that of many other young men. He studied at the prestigious Babson College in Boston, immediately stood out for his skills and found work as a financial analyst on Wall Street. He had all he needed to break through and start to make a lot of money, as a young ambitious yuppy on Wall Street.

But at some point Mason decided to drop everything: he understood that to accumulate wealth without realizing his dream did not interest him. He wrote on his LinkedIn profile. “I asked myself why should I leave all this? I had colleagues who admired me and I was earning a lot of money. But I felt that something was missing inside. I needed to change to realize a dream of mine.” He felt he wanted to give meaning, a different energy, to all he had earned.

So he left Wall Street and returned to his native Philadelphia. In his city of origin Mason, thanks to the money accumulated by working on Wall Street, decided to start his own business, becoming a very special entrepreneur. He bought a local business and in late 2013 opened “Rosa’s Fresh Pizza”. His brilliant idea was to open a pizzeria where anyone could feel welcome. There was a fixed price, almost symbolic, a dollar for a piece of pizza. Each customer could offer to pay for a piece of pizza for the next customer, who could not afford to eat for lack of money.

The idea was to sell slices of pizza at a dollar so that homeless people could feed themselves. And people could buy a piece of pizza and donate it to those in need. If they do, they write a post-it with a sentence and it is posted on the walls. The homeless collect the post-its from the wall and can have a piece of free pizza. Many of the homeless left thank you post-its,saying that thanks to the pizzeria, they had found help and managed to rebuild their lives. Mason was also recently invited to the Ellen Show, one of the most popular in America.

The results are impressive: the post-its on the wall number more than 8000 and the pizzeria offers food to 50 homeless people every day. His business model works well. “Today I do business, gain and at the same time help the community that appreciates my initiative. Above all, I am happy, “Mason said in his TV interview.


Start with asking yourself what are your reasons to want money. Why do you want to become rich? What would you do with the money?
Money can help you to create positive emotions and create magical moments, like Mason who started his business while helping others.

Money is energy in motion: the more money I have more energy I create to achieve my dreams. Though it did not seems at first sight, there is a strong spiritual component in wealth. Mason has found happiness, realizing the desire to help others, thanks to its ability to create and manage money.

So begin with finding your why, the strong reason to build your wealth. And how it will not be a problem.

To Your Financial Freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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