The Language of Money and the Self Confidence that goes with it

I would like to tell you about something curious and interesting. Some time ago I was in Puerto Rico, and I had the pleasure of dining with friends from America and New Zealand.

Among them were some of the world’s professional golf players such as Mathias Grönberg, who won the Italian Open, one of the best players of the European Golf Tour, and many others. So, in short, people who understand golf.

Listening to them talk it was clear who among them was the champion and who was not. I am no golf expert, but, listening to them I knew immediately who was ranked higher in the world. How is it possible? Well it’s simple! For two reasons:

1. For the self-confidence that they felt and knew how to transmit;
2. For the language that these people used to describe themselves or what was going on during the matches and how they dealt with a range of different activities.

So the question that I want to pose to you is the following: is it possible, based on how an entrepreneur talks, or an investor talks, or anyone in general talks, to guess how much money they earn and how they earn it? I think that the answer is yes.

Why? Because when people come to me for coaching sessions, I can understand immediately what their financial situation is. Obviously, it is not easy because you can’t see how much money someone has in his pockets just by looking at him, and with money the saying is true that the suit does not make the man.

But it is equally true that just a few targeted questions are enough to evaluate the economic situation of a person; and above all their answers are enough to understand the limits in which they are living.

We all live within our own limits: it’s like a box that we build around ourselves. It is clear that the bigger the box is and the more flexible we are, the more results we can get.

The language of money

So I’d like you to think about this topic: how do you use language regarding money and what are the goals that you want to reach?
Are you number one, or do you think that you cannot be number one?
Are you a person who transmits self confidence in what you say or not?
Look at Trump. You can agree or disagree with his beliefs, but his body language is very interesting in terms of self-confidence. Just look at the way he walks.
Finally think about this last point: how can you be more secure and more self-confident in whatever you do in your live? Although in life there are no certainties, what happens more often is that you create the world around you, and the more confident you are, the more you are able to get results from a financial point of view.

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To Your Financial Freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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