The difference that really makes the difference

Have you ever wondered what is the real difference that makes all the difference in your life, concerning your results and the results of your company?

I have asked this question for a long time and I have finally found an answer that has allowed me to achieve instant results.

The answer I have found is that both as entrepreneurs and as a people, we make the difference in our lives. The right question then is, “what are you doing specifically to make a difference in the things that you are doing?”

What are you studying? What new things are you learning? Who are you hanging out with? What results you are getting, and what are the things that are holding you back or preventing you from moving forward? And why do you think this is happening? Because if we look at and analyze big companies, or even small ones, the only difference is the entrepreneur.

Think about it: there are companies, which work in an industry and get extraordinary results and yet there are other businesses that operate in the same sector but fail.

The difference the entrepreneur makes

The other day I had lunch with Renzo Rosso, the Italian fashion entrepreneur and owner of companies such as Diesel. Rosso is referred to as the “jeans genius” and has an equity of more than 3 billion euro, according to Forbes data. He has achieved great success in the field of jeans, or what they call Denim, while most of the other companies in the same industry have failed.

Talking with him, you understand that he is the one who makes the difference within his company. The difference is how the team creates their products, how it handles issues and the people who they hire.

When we realize that the only difference is us, this awareness becomes a responsibility, because you eliminate all other excuses.

Look at my case, concerning training: there is a crisis in almost every area, so much so that some companies are closing this year at -40% or – 70%, but this year we will most likely close with over 114%. Why? Because the entrepreneur clearly makes the difference!

The entrepreneur and his ability to create his team make, because it is true that no entrepreneur can do everything on his own. The real skills lie in the entrepreneur’s capacity to identify and hire the right team, he needs to find players in the A Series, select them and train them, so that everyone works well as a team.

Remember that the real difference that makes the difference is you!

To your financial freedom!
Alfio Bardolla

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