The 11 external levers for your financial freedom

Some time ago, I spoke about the 10 internal levers that you can activate for your financial freedom.

Now you know that you have your personal psychological levers that you can use. Besides these, of course, you can activate external levers.

Indeed, often the external levers are those that make the difference: if you want to become an entrepreneur or an investor, you have to know how to consider and use external levers

Here are the external levers for your financial freedom. These external levers are in part similar to the internal ones, and in part are linked to the understanding that any business project requires that you engage with other people.

In practice, we will see the 11 external levers for your financial freedom.

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Lever # 1: your money
This lever is quite simple: it is simple to make money if you have more money because it is money that allows you to buy most of the levers.

Lever # 2: other people’s money
All entrepreneurs use other people’s money; from banks, from the stock exchange, from investors, from friends and family. A business owner understands the importance to seek, obtain and use other people’s money. I have created a workshop to teach you how to do this.

Lever # 3: knowledge of others
The more you surround yourself with people with specialist knowledge, the more levers you get. The secret of every entrepreneur is a team of employees and partners that you can rely on.

Famous is the story of Henry Ford, accused of being ignorant, he explained that he did not know everything, but he had a payroll who could answer any questions for hi

Lever # 4: the experiences of others
Here we talk about Alfio Bardolla: in fact, in my seminars and in all my training products I only explain what I have done, that is my experience. This is, certainly, the best way to learn about the experiences of others. Another is reading manuals and biographies, where you can find the experiences of people who are the best in their field.

Lever # 5: the ideas of others
Entrepreneurs know how to recognize good ideas, even if they do not come from them. They do not think about being the best, they prefer to concentrate on financial results that come from knowing how to listen and use the ideas of others.

Lever # 6: the time of others
It is quite logical: if you have employees or suppliers, you are using their time to achieve your goals. In return you pay them, but always a fraction of the value that they bring (here is the concept of leverage!)

Lever # 7: the quality of the work of others
If you work with people who are bigger than you are; then your company will become a company of giants. If you choose people smaller than you do, then it will become a company of dwarfs. It is essential that you find suppliers and employees who know how to do an excellent job (and are able to do it with you)

Lever # 8: a mentor
A mentor is a guide that fills the gaps with his own experience. Every successful entrepreneur has had a mentor. Find Yours.

Lever # 9: technology
Technology can really make a difference in your business. Technology on which to base your products, manage your business, sell and do marketing. Technology can replace people, investments and make you beat the competition.

Lever # 10: your team
Success is a team game, not a competition. If you want to become rich, you have to have a team of competent people in their sector and do not play the game alone.

Lever # 11: debt
Are you surprised? Debt is a big, and important lever. I am talking about good debt, debt that is used to create assets, business, to make investments. With these debts, you can grow at higher speeds and do things that otherwise you could not do.

These external levers are interesting, don’t you think? Do you realize how many chances you have to create your business and your financial freedom? The secret of those who have done it is this: to look with an open mind at the situation and find many solutions to problems.

To your financial freedom,
Alfio Bardolla

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