The story of Manuel: from a Chiavenna market to entrepreneurship

I met Manuel many years ago. We were both born in Val Chiavenna.

He’s younger than me, and we both had in common the desire to live a better life than the one that the valley had to offer.

The story of Manuel is the result of a mix of courage and willpower that led him to create a business and resell it. But it was not always like that.
Manuel began helping his mother with a market at the age of 16. At the beginning, it was a nice job: when you are young and you see that you have more money in your pockets then all your peers, it is a good feeling.

Quickly, Manuel began to do the math; the idea of waking up all his life at 5.30 am and working in the snow, rain and wind did not seem very enjoyable.

The future that Manuel dreamed for himself was different; he wanted a better life than the one he was living.
The big shopping centers started to arrive and Manuel realized they would be dangerous competitors.

He was able to convince his mother to sell the business. The choice was not easy because it was a historic traditional company. They sold the business for 130,000.

Another person would have spent that money in travel and in a place of his own. But he invested it; he bought a bar, like the bars of the city but with a different business idea. He did not expect people to go out drinking; instead, he created the opportunity by organizing parties and evenings. In practice, he created his own work.

In two years, the Bar had made its own name by attracting people from other towns. Then Manuel decided to sell it and found a buyer for 250,000.
With that money, he replicated the model of the bar in other cities and in a few years built a million in equity.

The story continues ….

So far, what does Manuel’s story have to teach us?

1) You do not need to be a nuclear engineer to make money
2) You do not need to come from a rich family
3) You do not need a brilliant idea

You can make money if you have 3 characteristics:
1) You want to do something with your life and not waste time;
2) You want to get into the game and you look around to seize opportunities;
3) You are courageous and enthusiastic.

The story of Manuel continues ….
Because once he had learnt to buy a bar, run it, and resell it, he decided to buy a house.

He bought a house with restructuring problems. This is when he had a new idea: open a company that helps owners to buy a house, “ready to be inhabited”.

Buyers came to him to buy the house of their dreams, while he and his brother set up a professional team to remodel homes. He began to make money and he decided to replicate this model not only in Italy, but also in Switzerland.

10 years after Manuel sold the family business, he found he no longer needed to work at the age of 30!.
Look around you, change your habits, and learn from those who have already achieved results, and take calculated risks.

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To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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