Sex or Salary: what would you rather talk about?

When I was young, my friends and I had a favorite game which was to question each other about our latest sexual conquests.

It was a ritual which sooner or later all of us had to go through. The surprising thing was that the ones that were the most insistent in the questioning were the ones who were the most timid when it came to the rest of the group questioning them.

As I grew up, I left the modestly behind and today talking about sex is no longer embarrassing. Actually speaking about it is quite common.
But there is still one taboo that remains. In fact as time passes it becomes more and more of a taboo and that is: money!

Just think about it for a minute. You are invited to a friend’s house for dinner. What would you rather NOT talk about: sex or your salary? Which of the two topics would be less appropriate to discuss in this day and age?

In my experience, the majority of people do not choose to talk about their salary.

No one wants to talk about it but everyone wants to know what you earn. Why is that? What convictions connect a person to the amount of money that they earn? And, above all, what blocks them from speaking about this amount in an open way?

Is it too personal? Does it make you feel embarrassed because it is too low or too high?
Are you afraid that announcing the amount will change the way that people see you?

I discuss this subject in depth in my Wake Up Call seminar and I also speak about it in my second book “The Art Of Wealth”.

One very important step that you need to take in order to become rich is to modify your relationship with money. You must eliminate the sentimental ties that it represents.

“If you aren’t rich already, it’s because no one has ever taught you how.”. Download now my ebook “10 rules for rich” free.

Money is a tool. It should not evoke any emotions.

Are you embarrassed when talking about celsius degrees? No, it is only a tool used to measure temperature.
If you do not eliminate the emotion behind money, you run a grave risk. That of being fearful.

Fearful of losing an investment, or remaining at the mercy of other people. Fear has a profound effect on people. It paralyzes them and it makes them do things that if they were not scared, they would find stupid.
I would like to try an experiment and begin a dialog about the modesty linked to money.

Please leave me a comment below. You don’t have to write your name, so don’t worry. Please indicate what your salary is today and how much you would like to earn within the next 3 years. Please also include what emotions you have in relation to money.

I am sure that discovering the salary of the people around you will lead you to find out very interesting things about them.

To your financial freedom!
Alfio Bardolla

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