How much are you worth?

Let’s start from a basic concept: the majority of people have a profession and the hours dedicated to carrying out this profession are compensated with money, a monthly salary.

It’s a type of exchange of services that you do with your boss or, if you are a freelance worker, with your clients.

For years now I have invested my energy in order to help people escape from this trap. The fact of the matter is this: no matter how highly paid you are, or how good you are at your job, if you continue to just exchange your time for money, you will never have the possibility of becoming rich! Not only that, you will be stuck in the same terrible trap, one that will lead you to dedicate the majority of your time to your workplace, giving up time that you could dedicate to your real life.

Real life isn’t time spent with your work colleagues. Your real life is the time that you spend at the park with your kids. It is the time that allows you to discover yourself and the world. Real life is when you experience unforgettable moments with people whom you love. These people might also be people with whom you share a workplace, but only if this makes you happy.

So how do you escape from this trap?

The majority of people’s lives are based on the exchange of time for money. This money is needed to pay for a lifestyle and to pay for a series of objects and services that we commonly buy. So we can say that there is a mathematical equation that combines time, money and objects.

If this point is now clear, answer this question: “Have you ever thought about the cost of objects expressed in terms of time at work necessary to buy them, instead of simply the money to buy them?”

I am convinced that very few people think in these terms and that this is the reason why we buy objects that are very expensive that have a very low utility. Try thinking about a car that costs €50.000. This amount can be a lot or it can be a little depending on your lifestyle.

But the important thing to consider is: would you buy it all over again if you discovered that its worth was equal to a year of you working?

Even more significant and costly, what about a house? How many millions of hours of work does that represent? Think of it in terms of “hourly rate” this could be a good way to re-work your lifestyle and start to build your financial freedom

On the other hand, consider those people who have already started to generate alternative income (which is the basis of financial freedom). In this calculation they only have to insert the amount of money they earn as an employee or as a freelance worker. But it is not their only source of income. This calculation will also give you important information: “How much are you worth per hour in your market”?

Considering this point, will allow you to understand if it is really worth it to buy that expensive dinner, fancy car, or dream house.

To your financial freedom

Alfio Bardolla


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