Let’s face it! Facebook is where it’s at!

There are two types of people that surround us in today’s world: one group is made up of what are called “early adopters“.

People like this want to test a preview of anything new and are always looking for recent inventions, especially in high tech.

The second group of people is made up of what I call “old school types” . Simply put, they hate technology and even boast about this fact.

Neither one of these groups is better than the other, but one thing for sure being part of the second group is very dangerous. The technological revolution is changing our world. For better or for worse and this fact can no longer be ignored.

  1. On Amazon you can buy whatever you want, even your groceries, and have it delivered to your house in less than an hour
  1. With Uber, you can go anywhere in a city in an effective and inexpensive way. There are even plans to launch a system of driverless taxis in the US
  1. Facebook is creating a future (coming soon) full of drones, 5G and virtual realities
  1. You can buy and sell shares on the stock market using a simple app from anywhere in the world at any time of the day

Just think about it. These are just a few of the many trends already under way. Machines are being made that print human organs in 3D, just to name one of the incredible things that are being developed in the world around us. Now it’s evident that anyone thinking about buying a taxi license in this day and age, for example, could be making a very silly and dangerous choice.

The same goes for ignoring the importance of using Facebook to promote the products of your business just because you don’t like Facebook. Technology really does make a difference for you and for your business. And if you resist you lose out.

The Facebook lesson

Everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is. From just being a student at Harvard, he became one of the richest men in the world by creating the largest free information network in the world. Facebook has also become one of the largest advertising companies.

In a recent interview with an American newspaper Zuckerberg said that web access was the key to making Facebook even stronger: “The Internet creates jobs opportunities, unites people, educates disadvantaged communities and allows advanced operations such as remote surgery which, in turn, saves lives. ”

To sum up, according to Zuckerberg, the only limit to achieving personal success and financial freedom via the web is in your head.

This is true, to a certain extent, assuming that you know how to manage the technological revolution. Because it is true that technology helps people, but it is also true that more and more it is replacing humans and therefore jobs that only humans would normally do.

Already many of the jobs that we were used to doing are gone. Because the jobs are being done by robots.There are robots in the Amazon warehouse. Drivers will be replaced by robots. Accounting will be replaced with software. Technology will help many different sectors to grow and transform themselves, but will destroy many others.

The hourglass effect

Putting yourself in the position of judging what is right or wrong does not help you to figure out what to do in order to protect your own financial situation. Technology can be the driving force behind your growth but only if you know how to use it well.
At the beginning of the 1900s there was the Industrial Revolution; then there was the revolution of blue-collar workers and now there is the white-collar revolution.
This new revolution could be called the hourglass effect: the middle class will disappear in the West and the only thing you can do is choose whether to go down with it or raise yourself above it, along with the rich.

Wealth is within your hands. This is one of the phrases that I cite the most and I believe that there has never been a time when this phrase has been so true.

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To your financial freedom

Alfio Bardolla


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