Less work for everyone, more work for all

We have been bombarded recently by a new mantra: the praise of the part-time job.

Apparently, working only a few hours a day is fantastic. In practice this would allow you to do many things that you never had time to do before: go to the gym, go walking, shopping, learn a new language, focus on your hobbies, travel.

Google and Virgin are saying: Work less for a better life. It was just the other day that I saw tons of pages in newspapers devoted entirely to this subject.

Now allow me to be blunt: They are spreading lies. They are pulling your leg and hoping that you won’t notice.

Can you imagine what will happen? Just stop to think about the consequences that this will have on the middle class.

The middle class always aims to work with big brands: Google, Amazon, Virgin, Facebook, as well as Coca-Cola, Ebay, all icons of our modern time. Try asking a new graduate to show you the list of three companies in which he would like to work and I bet I can name at least two of them.

Now, if you tell a recent graduate to work part-time, half day, half salary, but with a lot of spare time, guess what will happen? Simple.

The result will be that the new middle class will have a half salary. But this means that they will also have a half-car, a half-home, half of the eating at restaurants. Indeed, they will have none of this, because you cannot do any of this in halves. We can’t allow this to happen. The middle class will be impoverished and will collapse.

Here, is the second phase of the great movement of economic resources from the bottom to the top. Steal the resources from the middle class, having depleted the poor further.

Hold on, I am not saying it is part of an overall plan. I do not believe in conspiracy theories. But it is happening and there are many indicators that confirm this.

Look at American for an example: the US has come out of the recession and has rapidly reduced the rate of unemployment. How did they do that? Simple: more work for everyone, for less time. That is the recipe for Google which I mentioned above and it works!

If however, you go and ask Brian (who worked at McDonald) how does he pay for his house? He will tell you that he survives thanks to unemployment benefits, and in general he should do at least two jobs to be able to maintain his previous lifestyle.

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I am very interested in talking about this “the lifestyle” thing.
This working part-time in order to have more time for yourself, can be obtained in today’s world in a much more intelligent way. Because working part-time is an employment exchange in which you trade time for money meaning that:

  1. You negotiate 4/5 hours for less pay at a reduced hourly rate;
  2. You gain less money than before;
  3. The maintenance of your lifestyle depends on the decisions made by others;
  4. You have all the disadvantages of employment;
  5. You do not solve any financial worry.

Instead you should:

  • Create alternative sources of income;
  • Keep your job;
  • Make sure that your alternative income exceeds your expenses;
  • At that point decide to do what you want for the rest of your life.

If you think it is difficult, you are right. However, believe me, it is much harder to live a life where you tighten your belt and leave others be the responsible of the quality of your life. From now on begin to concentrate on your financial future and plan it: because that is where you will live in in the future.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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