How to become a millionaire at 20 years old (even if you are Italian)

I am going to start immediately by giving you some advice: if you missed it, find the article in the Corriere della Sera published a few days ago entitled “Millionaires at 20 years old”.

Why do I suggest you read it? Because it simply confirms that if you are willing to commit yourself, you can get results, even in Italy and even if you’re Italian. And becoming a millionaire largely depends on you.


The article tells the stories of several young people who through their dreams, clear goals and determination have become business millionaires. One thing I want you to be very clear about is that they did not become millionaires by a fortuitous accident. They all had the ambition to achieve their goals.

Like Alexander, who has turned his passion for social networks into becoming a business millionaire.

Or Nicholas, who as a child was fascinated by fashion, and has sold his shoes to Lady Gaga while skipping the great schools of the sector.
This group of rich and happy young people also includes Fabio Rovazzi.

What is there to understand? Who launched the catchphrase of the summer “Lets go command”. Then there’s Sofia 15 years old who has already become a YouTuber and author of successful novels.

Pay attention: the young people discussed in the article are not a rare nor unattainable phenomena.


The curious thing is that human beings learn by imitation i.e. they observe and replicate the behaviors they see in people around them. Just think: from whom did you learn what you know about money?

There are many other stories of people who have achieved financial freedom in Italy. Take mine, for example.

When I decided to set up a financial education company, nothing like that existed at that time in the Italian market.

Today, I am the head of a leading Italian company in the field of personal financial education that helps people to become financially free. I have created Wake Up Call which is now the biggest event of personal financial education in Italy, allowing clients to discover the techniques that really work to make money with trading, real estate and businesses.

There are many other stories that you can read here, from those who have participated in my courses. People like Alberto, Chiara, Alessandro, etc.. Among them are entrepreneurs, students, traders, real estate investors and so on.

There is the story of Manuel, from Val Chiavenna that I have discussed here on this blog. He stopped working at the market and became a true entrepreneur.

Wealth can be taught and learnt. In this e-book I explain the 10 easy steps for become wealthy: download ebook free now.


What lessons can we learn from these people’s stories?
1) You do not need to be a nuclear engineer to make money
2) You need not come from a rich family
3) You do not need to have a bright idea

You can make money if you have 3 characteristics:
1) You want to do it and not waste time
2) You want to get in the game and you look around to seize opportunities
3) You have courage and enthusiasm

One of the phrases that I repeat often is “To earn figures that you have never earned, you have to become a person you’ve never been.”
Start developing your financial education with Wake Up Call, the biggest event of personal financial education in Italy, which allows you discover the techniques that really work to make money with trading, real estate and businesses.

If you want to get results with money, begin to study the history of those who have already obtained results.

To Your Financial Freedom

Alfio Bardolla

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