How I Became A Millionaire

I wasn’t always a rich man, and changing my financial situation completely turned my life around.

That is why, today, I want to tell you about my life story: what happened to me opened up my eyes to a new world, which I’d like to share with you.

I’m sure it might help you out to fully understand what I’m talking about.

I was born and raised in a small mountain town, Chiavenna, in the Province of Sondrio, in a humble family: a housewife mother and a stationmaster father. Ever since I was little, I’ve lived in the midst of people richer than I was, which, as you can imagine, stirred up in me, over the years, a certain sense of frustration: I used to see others having stuff I couldn’t have afforded.

Therefore, going by the famous adage, “get a degree in order to have a prosperous future,” I enrolled at the Cattolica University in Milan. In order to be able to pay my tuition fees, I got my first business off the ground, in the computer field. That worked out well, and I was making a very good living.

Unfortunately, due to my limited experience, defaulting clients and the bank, which stopped bankrolling me, I had an unpleasant surprise, though: my parents’ home, which back then I had used as collateral for my business, got foreclosed on.

My mom was in tears, and the “system” was crushing us. A real trauma. But it was my fault, and it was up to me to do something. What other choice would I have had? Blaming it on the series of unfortunate events and putting up with them, one after the other, or, worse still, leaving my family to put up with them? I acknowledged my behaviour, even though driven by good intentions, had affected my situation, and unfortunately that of my loved ones, which is why I came to the realization that I needed to work on myself. That was the only way I could have saved my parents’ home.

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That was the push that led me to study any possible solution. I set about studying how real estate auctions work, and through a procedure, “lo stralcio” (debt extinguishment), unheard of even to most operators in the field, and one that I illustrate in my courses, I reached an agreement with banks that saved the house from being auctioned off.

As a result, I realized that I didn’t want the kind of wealth associated exclusively with work, even as an employee, because I had experienced on my skin that that type of income is dependent on many, too many factors.

And I decided I wanted to get extremely rich. Yep, because after such a trauma, I no longer wanted to run the risk of finding myself in such situation, with no money and deep in debt.

I set about persuading myself that there was no reason I couldn’t have become rich, and that I should have searched for the answers to my questions about how to get there, by posing questions to real rich people.
I had in fact sensed something that is still undervalued nowadays: only a rich person can teach you how to make and manage money, just like only who knows how to swim can teach you how to do it without drowning.
This story of mine began in the ’90s, and I’ve now come to be an acclaimed investor and businessman, with 30 companies in the black, operating in different sectors in Italy and abroad, and reaching an estimated net worth of $40 million.

I became a leading financial coach in Europe, thanks to the passion I have for what I excel at, which is passing on and teaching what I learned over the years, so as to give people confidence about their future, and those answers that I myself would have loved to have been given when I was struggling, teaching, through my courses, how to achieve Financial Independence.

Besides business, I’ve had and still have time to nurture wonderful friendships, to spawn, with my partner, two kids whom I love, and to write six best-selling books on personal finance.
Do you get it now? That is why I am certain that it’s possible to get really rich, if only you are driven by the right motivations, and let yourself be guided by the right beliefs.
“When the why is strong, the how becomes easy.”

The bottom line?

To change your financial situation, the first step is identifying what drives your actions, to figure out whether you are driven by well-founded fears or not, and how to resist them, or whether you might even use these fears to your advantage.
People are in fact driven by powerful urges toward something, or try and steer clear of something else.

In my case, my strong drive arose from not wanting to be left with no money at all, on the heels of the trauma I experienced. That is why it is key for you to look into your past as well, in order to ascertain whether you too are living in a cage of fears and bad beliefs about money.

Change your life and your economic situation forever and gain Financial Freedom: download 2 chapters of my book Money Makes You Happy

Here’s to your financial independence!
Alfio Bardolla

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