Don’t give up your freedom or the smaller things in life

Not long ago a friend of mine told me that he was really pissed off with his boss. It was the usual discussion before the holidays, which sounds like this.

I would like to take my kids to the sea in between July and August, for three weeks

What? Three weeks that’s too much, our company is small and needs you. Can you take a week later, when we are more calm?
When on earth does it happen that there is less work? and that is why I started to be pissed off.

When he told me, I just laughed. Or better, I smiled, because instead of thinking of him, I thought I would never be able to be an employee.
Of course, you have to deal with reality: if he chose to exchange time for money, his boss can use his time as he sees fit.
He, like most people I think, in his mind keeps repeating phrases about gaining freedom. But so far, he still hasn’t taken any actions forwards his freedom.

Perhaps, because he has never thought about it, he will have to ask permission to go on vacation for 30 consecutive years, minimum.
One of the advantages of creating alternative sources of incomes is the FLEXIBILITY. For example,

I can work from anywhere, by the sea or in the golf club
I can visit friends I have not seen for some time, without a long time for organizing it

I can catch a flight at the very last minute, without worrying about the fact that maybe one month before it was cheaper. I must say that especially this point makes me feel happy. Of course, it will seem silly, but over the years, I have realized that being rich does not mean having the most expensive things.

Who cares of the red carpets and local showcases.

Being rich means not having to worry about whether to order the seafood appetizer at the restaurant or take a dessert. Taking my children to the new amusement park and sleeping in the incredible house of Peter Pan where Tinker Bell and the crew come to see you. Getting in shape by taking a personal trainer at exactly one month from the dress rehearsal, hoping that he would oblige me to do everything I have deliberately ignored during the year.

They are simple things, but I can choose not to give them up. It is a matter of FREEDOM.

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Do you know what is strange? It is easier than you can imagine, but most of us just mutter in our own heads and listen to speeches about freedom. Because we are afraid of what would happen if we do something different, something new.

When I planned my first course on Financial Freedom (I used to called it: “Financial Wellness”, as the cover of my first book “ Money Make You Happy“), there were two students in an attic. Before you start talking, a little voice in my head told me “But really these two people bought something from me”.

In fact, the course was not a number one success. Indeed, if the two participants are reading this and want to comment, I would be very happy.
Yet, with practice, I figured it out how to create successful courses. How to teach people which techniques truly work to create alternative sources of incomes and build financial freedom.

What is the difference? We all have FEARS, but the difference between those who get results and those who do not get them, often lies in the ability to face their fears. Everyone has them, also me. With experience, you learn to manage them. If you have no experience, you remain standing, with your thoughts rumbling.

Face your fears, and prepare yourself.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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