Does Money Really Make You Happy?

You bet it does! And I will show you how!

Wealthy people are happier than other people. Surveys show that 97% of British millionaires claim they are happy.

This fact contains a hidden truth that can only be understood if we pay attention to the actual reason behind the happiness of millionaires and their spending habits.

Let me give you some examples that – I am sure – will help you better understand what I mean when I say that money really does make you happy!

Money doesn’t buy happiness? It sure does!! Believe me! But above all, believe in yourself and in your ability to make money and become happier

According to Tulip Financial Research, a British financial research company, the spending habits of British millionaires reveal big surprises. The millionaires who have been able to accumulate vast fortunes did not do so ‘by accident’! Studies carried out by Tulip Financial Research, prove that the common denominator of British millionaires is the ambition to become financially free (link to article “What is financial freedom, how to become a millionaire”).

These people have the ambition, and the financial freedom that goes with it, they are the real powerhouses who have an immense accumulation of assets. They are the proof that confirms my conviction that money really does make you happy. Other things such as test results or a university degree are much less important than they may seem at first glance.
Tulip Financial Research studies showed that a fifth of millionaires surveyed had come from extremely poor backgrounds, their level of education was not high and their school grades were often below average.

Analysts at Tulip Financial Research also examined the lifestyle and eating habits of millionaires. Despite the fact that these results partially confirmed some of my hypotheses, they still surprised me.
Here below is what emerged from the British millionaires’ lifestyle analysis:

  • on average, a millionaire does not spend more than $ 360 on a suit and no more than $ 140 for a pair of shoes. For every millionaire who spends more than

$ 1,000 on a suit, there are at least 6 non-millionaires, with an income of about $ 50,000 a year, who do spend this much on a suit.

  • only 1 millionaire in 10 spends more than $ 300 for a pair of shoes and for every millionaire who spends more than $ 300 there are 8 people who do spend more than $ 300 but who are not millionaires;
  • the average amount spent on a watch comes to around $ 235, only 1 millionaire in 10 spends more than $ 15,000 for a watch.
    Returning to the ambition necessary to become a millionaire, pay close attention to this last statistic.
  • British millionaires spend about nine hours a week following their investments, which is the same amount of time that an average person spends watching television.
Money Makes You Happy, is my first book which explains the rules for obtaining economic freedom and the secrets behind the psychology of wealth.

Why does money make you happy?

If we look at the analysis of this data and the consumption habits of millionaires, a startling and indisputable fact emerges: rich people are happier than other people, not because they possess immense wealth but because they are aware of being the architects in the building of their own fortune!
Having control over one’s destiny, one’s fortune and one’s life is the main factor in creating one’s happiness!

To your financial future!

Alfio Bardolla

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