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Some time ago, I talked about goals. Today I want to talk about this again because I have neglected to explain the fundamental activity in the management of objectives.

Do it and you can achieve your goals, no matter how ambitious they might be. Don’t do it, and it will be difficult to reach your targets even if they are easy to reach.
What is this basic activity? Write down your goals!

I know that this may seem trivial. Suppose something changes with the goals I have written down; you might say. But writing them down is important and I’ll explain why.

When you write them down, you focus your mind on a rather complicated mental and physical activity that involves various nerve centers. Therefore, the brain is much more stimulated than by simply “thinking“.

If the brain is stimulated, it creates more synapses, or connections, between neurons. Consider the synapses as the fundamentals of thoughts. When more synapses are created, the thoughts are more solid and are retained more easily.

So you understand how what we do concretely affects the biochemistry of our brains and, in fact, changes it. You can change your brain with your thoughts and with your actions.

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So take your goals and write them down. Maybe get in the habit of writing them once a week, or at least the first of the month. Write them and read them every day in the first month.

Write a list of your goals.

You can write them on a piece of paper or, as one of my friend does, on your mobile so you always have them with you.

To start, it does not matter how many you write, it might be 5, or 7, or it could be 10. I personally have a list of 10 main objectives that I keep with me and that I read every day.

Some people have more than one list, for short-term, medium-term and long-term objectives. For someone short would mean weekly, for someone else within 12 months. I will not give you any rules, it is not important. Actions are the important thing.

Objectives are your boat’s route, keep an eye on the radar every day!

If objectives are your boat’s route, then writing them down and reading them every day is like watching a compass to maintain the right course.
Some people have read my book or even attended one of my seminars and spent time and money, yet their financial and personal situation has not changed

Why? Because they did not do this critical step: write a list of your goals, and read them and reread them each day until it becomes automatic.
At that point, do not worry: you are on track to achieve what you want.

To your financial freedom,
Alfio Bardolla

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