14 essential things to do in order to attain your financial freedom

My loyal followers know that the idea of financial freedom is one of my key concepts. This article will list 14 things you can do to get there.

I have devoted books, workshops, conferences and training courses to this theme. What I want to talk about today are the tools needed to achieve financial freedom.

In order to become rich you have to create your own financial freedom. To create and then improve your financial freedom, you need a well defined financial plan.

I will endeavor to identify below the tools needed for the development of this process.

The financial freedom tool: the economic / financial plan

When I was young, I always won at Monopoly. The trick was to buy four green houses and change them for a red hotel!

Well, you do the same thing in order to get rich. Here is a concrete way to increase your financial freedom. The exchange of green houses with a red hotel is like creating your financial plan. Creating a financial plan is the first tool of financial freedom.

For many people creating an economic / financial plan and pursuing it consistently is difficult because it requires a lot of discipline.
But if you do not do this, it will not be easy to follow your financial plans and change the results you get concerning money.
Once you have prepared an economic / financial plan, follow the steps that you listed. Each represents a key tool to achieve your financial freedom.

  1. Review your financial situation and think about how you can become rich;
  2. Invite someone who is rich out to dinner once a month (if you do not know anyone, look for someone!);
  3. Find a mentor for each field that you are interested in (one for real estate, one for the stock market, one for the setting up and management of companies);
  4. Read biographies of rich people and read books written about money and investments, even those published abroad, especially in the USA!;
  5. Attend classes taught by successful people;
  6. Study communication, marketing and sales;
  7. Pay yourself first (and save at least 15% per month);
  8. Keep track of your expenses and your earnings every month;
  9. Fix financial goals and carry out actions to pursue them;
  10. Locate which investments are right for you:Find people who share your vision;
  11. Develop your alternative sources of income;
  12. Forecast where you want to be financially in 1, 3 and 5 years;
  13. Ask yourself the key question “How can I change from my current situation to the one that I want to achieve in a year?”

Do you want to create YOUR Financial Freedom?

Start now: discover what assets and what liabilities you have but never knew you had and start planning your Financial Freedom.

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I am certain that if you follow these 14 tips, you will be able to achieve outstanding results concerning money.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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