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Legislative decree 196/2003 Code concerning the protection of personal data

By this notice, Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A., with registered office in Milan, via Ripamonti No. 89, intends to inform the customer users of (hereinafter “the Site”) of the adopted policy regarding personal data protection, underlining the effort and attention that the we pay to protecting the privacy of visitors to the Site .

The Site browsing is free and does not require any registration, with the exception of some areas in which the user is allowed to discretionally provide data for accessing to services specifically identified. Where, therefore, the user intends to provide personal information to access such additional services, it will be expressly informed, in accordance with art. 13 of Legislative Decree No. 196, June 30, 2003, Personal Data Protection Code, with details of (including, but not limited to) the purposes and methods of data utilization as well as the right to claim, at any time, the data cancellation or updating.

Information on the protection of personal dat

Pursuant to the terms of Legislative Decree No. 196, June 30, 2003, Personal Data Protection Code (hereinafter the “Code”), Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. provides the following information.

1. Data controlle

Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A., with register office in Milan, via Ripamonti n. 89, Tax Code and registration with the Companies Registrar of Milan No. 1996976, is the Data Controller.

2. Types of personal data processed

No registration is required to access the Site. However, some services are available exclusively providing personal data (by way of example, your data may be required to access the newsletter service or the advertising service, for website registration, to contact us or to require information, etc.).

Pursuant to art. 13 of the Code, in case Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. acquires information and personal data, it shall inform, in advance, the users with regard to the purposes of data submission and the procedures of data treatment. Where necessary, Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. shall acquire the user’s specific consent to data utilization. By way of example, you may be asked to provide personal data such as name, address, telephone number, e-mail and other information that you must agree to provide to use the Site services, by filling in a registration form. Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. shall use the personal data collected, solely for the purposes declared in the registration form.

Site’s connection and browsing data (such as the URI-Uniform Resource Identifier of the requested resources, time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file size obtained by answer, the status code of answer by the server (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters regarding the operating system and digital environment) are collected for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about Site’s use and to check its correct functioning and are immediately deleted after processing. The data could be used to determine liabilities in case of crimes against the Site: with this exception, the data shall be deleted at the expiring time for services described in the Site.

With reference to the browsing data, see also art. 6 below related to the profiling instruments used by the Site.

3. Optional supply of personal dat

Submission of personal data is optional (by way of example, to receive advertising and/or information). In certain cases, without the data submission it will be impossible to access specific services and to fulfill the request.

User shall submit to the Site, its own personal data only. In case were provided personal data of third parties, the user expressly acknowledges and declares that the consent of such third parties for the processing of personal data by Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A., or other data processing holder (as required from time to time, in the information provided before the data collection) has been obtained.

4. Methods of processing data and scope of communication

Personal data may be processed on electronic form or printed. Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. warrants the lawful and correct treatment of personal data provided through the Site, in compliance with the current legislation, as well as the confidentiality of the data provided in the registration form.

All information collected is transmitted with secure connection for the prevention of interceptions by third person. The safety of the Site is guaranteed and certified by a leading company in internet security services.

The data shall not be disclosed to third parties except to the extent and under the conditions expressly submitted to the user in the information provided from time to time and subject to the authorization of the above mentioned user.

5. Link to other sites

This notice is reliable only for the site contents and not to other web sites contents, even if accessed via links. Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. can not be held responsible for personal information provided by user to third person or to any web site linked to the Site.

6. Cookie

The Site uses automatic data collection systems, such as “Cookies”, flash cookies and browser cookies: these are devices sent from the Site server to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc..) and stored on the hard disk of the PC when visiting the Site.

The cookie allows the Site to identify the user’s PC, through the information stored on it, whenever the user browses to the site via the same PC.

Through the use of cookies it is possible to facilitate the user in browsing the Site.

The cookies do not collect information directly by identifying the user. Therefore, Alfio Bardolla Training Group S.p.A. can not, through cookies, go back to any personal information directly (by way of example name, last name), if is not provided by the user.

There are different kinds of cookies. This depends on their lasting, the sending domain and their function.

Based on their lasting, cookies shall be divided in:
Session Cookies: these are temporary files that are stored until the site is abandoned (or the web browser is closed).

Persistent Cookies: these files are stored and maintained even after the abandonment of the site and the browser is closed. They are deleted only after the expiration date specified in the cookie itself or in case of cancellation by the user.

Based on the sending domain (website), cookies shall be divided in:

“Owned” Cookies: these files are installed in your device directly from the site on which you are browsing.

“Third-persons” Cookies: these files are installed by third sites through an integrated code in the site’s pages you are browsing. Examples of third-party cookies are those installed by social plug-in (by way of example Facebook or Twitter, for content sharing), or cookies for the analysis of visits.

Based on their function, cookies shall be divided in:

“Technical” Cookies, useful for the site’s work and can be grouped into:

i. “technical” and indispensable cookies: they are essential for the proper functioning of the site pages. Without these cookies, some function could be compromised and the access to contents may be restricted. They allow, for example, to keep track of the user authentication.

ii. “technical” functional cookies: these cookies are used to store the choices made by the user to improve the browsing (such as language, or fill-out a form with a previously used name). This type of cookies may include contact information (such as your user name or e-mail address already filled). Without these cookies, some functions and browsing between pages could be compromised or slower.

iii. “technical” performance cookies: these cookies are used to understand (i) if the users visiting the site are new or they already have visited it, (ii) how they use the site, (iii) how they move between pages, (iv) how long they stay on a page and on the site, (v) the region from where they joined the site. The data collected by these cookies does not identify the user individually, but is aggregated anonymously by the analysis tools. The deactivation of these cookies never compromise the functionality offered by the Site.

iv. “technical” cookies related to social widget: some widgets provided by social networks (by way of example Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Pinterest, Google Map, etc.) may use their own cookies to allow the connection with social networks. The deactivation of these cookies will not affect the use of the site, except in sections where widgets can be installed (by way of example for the integration of video or maps) and in some cases the possibility of contents fast sharing or the opportunity to comment on specific areas.

“Profiling and Advertising” Cookies: these cookies are installed to show visitors the site content related to their preferences. They can be used to show target advertising to the target person. This type of cookies works in collaboration with third persons sites and can keep track of the user’s browsing in different domains. These cookies keep track of the IP address and other information usually, some of which may be a personal data.

Cookies are stored by the site server and nobody can access the information on it. Once saved in the PC, the cookie is readable only by the website that created it (and, therefore, in our case, from or, in case a third person’s cookies is used, by third person servers that installed the cookies).

6.1 Types of cookies used by the Site

Technical cookie

The Site uses technical cookies. They are used to ensure a better browsing in the Site or they are strictly necessary for services provided by the Site. In particular the Site uses:

Technical “owned” Cookies (or issued from the Site) that allow to store the user’s choices in order to improve the browsing.

Analytical cookies of third persons (or issued by external websites) that allow us to verify and store how users browse through the Site, in aggregate and anonymous manner. Thanks to these cookies we can improve the service we are offering, making sure that our users easily find the information they are seeking for.

Third persons social cookies (websites not owned by us) are necessary to enable the social networks (Facebook, Google and Twitter) to control the interaction with the social widget on the website and to allow the interaction with the Site with social networks and external platforms.

These cookies does not require any consent by the user because they are essential for the Site running (art. 122 of the Code).

6.2 Information about cookies issued by the Site

About the cookies used on the Site we provide the following information:

1) The domain from which the Site server sends cookies is: for cookies issued by this site. For the third persons cookies, see art. 6.3.

2) Purpose of the collection: the cookies purposes are an easier and faster browsing of Site, improvement the Site’s user experience and the interaction with social networks (technical cookies).

3) Collected Data: the following information is stored: the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) of requested resources, time of request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the file size obtained by answer, the status code of answer by the server (successful, error, etc..) and other parameters regarding the operating system and digital environment.

4) Validity of cookies: the Site uses both session cookies (or cookies that are automatically deleted when you leave the browser) and persistent cookies (or cookies that are stored until the cancellation by the user), the duration of which does not exceed six months.

5) Cookies acceptance needed: the user’s consent to the use of technical cookies is not necessary and the acceptance of such cookies is optional; however, the refusal of technician cookies, even if enable the browsing, could make impossible to access to some contents of the site.

6) Data communication: information collected through cookies is confidential and shall not be disclosed to third persons.

The Site uses technicians cookies. Cookies are used to ensure a better browsing in the Site or strictly necessary for the provision of services provided by the Site.
These cookies does not require any consent by the user because they are essential for the Site running (art. 122, paragraph 1, of the Code).

6.4 Deactivating/canceling cookies through web browser

In any case, it is possible to disable/enable or delete cookies at any time by your web browser settings. Especially if you do not want to receive cookies, you can set your browser so that you are alerted to the presence of a cookie. In this way you can decide whether to accept it; you can also refuse all cookies by turning them off in your browser settings.

To do this you can follow the information in the Browser User Manual (so-called Support Page) or follow the instructions below:

Google Chrome

1. Click on “Tools” at the top of the browser window and select Options.

2. Click the tab “Under the Hood”, find the “Privacy”, and select the “Content Settings” button.

3. Now select “Allow local data to be set”.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0

1. Click on “Tools” at the top of the browser window and select “Internet Options” and click on the “Privacy” tab.

2. To enable cookies in your browser, make sure that the privacy level is set to medium or below it.

3. By setting the privacy level on the middle you’ll turn off the use of cookies.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Click on “Tools” at the top of the browser window and select “Options”.

2. Then select the Privacy 3 icon. Click Cookies, then select “Allow sites to use cookies”.

Safari on OSX

1. Click “Safari” at the top of the browser window and select the “Preferences” option.

2. Click “Security” and then “Accept cookie”.

3. Select “Only from the site”.

Mozilla and Netscape on OSX

1. Click “Mozilla” or “Netscape” at the top of the browser window and select the “Preferences” option

2. Click “Privacy and security”

3. Select “Enable cookies only for the originating site”


1. Click “Menu” at the top of the browser window and select “Settings”

2. Then select “Preferences”, select the “Advanced tab”

3. Then select the option “Accept cookies”

You can also manage your preferences regarding cookies on

7. Location of data processing and data communication

Treatment related to the services provided by the Site are held at Alfio Bardolla Training Group headquarters, specified in paragraph 1 above, and are carried out by the employees of Alfio Bardolla Training Group.

Some treatments will also be held at the headquarters of Alfio Bardolla Training Group suppliers that are responsible for carrying out activities related to the Site management and maintenance. Such suppliers are appointed by Alfio Bardolla Training Group as data processing holder pursuant to art. 29 of the Code.

For these purposes, the data may also be temporarily transferred abroad, in compliance with the safeguards provided for in articles 43 to 45 of the Code.

We ask users to read the information provided in the Site section dedicated to the registration or to the collection of personal data for the access to certain services: such information are in fact mentioned specifically the subjects that may collect the personal data and eventually other persons allowed to process personal data as autonomous data controllers.
8. Rights of data subjects

According to art. 7 of the Code you have the right to obtain information on the data processing, including, 1) obtain, without delay, confirmation of the existence of your personal data […]; 2) to obtain: a) the indication of personal data, the purposes and methods of treatment, the logic of the processing carried out with the aid of electronic instruments, the identification of the owner or responsible persons, the recipients or categories of persons to whom the data may be communicated or who can know about them as managers or agents; updating, rectification or, if interested, integration of data; b) the cancellation, anonymization or blocking of data processed in violation of the law; 3) object, in whole or in part, to the processing of personal data relating to you, provided for commercial information purpose or advertising or direct sales material or carrying out market research or commercial communication.

You can, at any time, exercise your rights by sending a notice to Alfio Bardolla Training Group, to the e-mail

9. Applicable law

This Privacy Policy is governed by the Italian law and in particular by the Code, which governs the processing of personal data – also held in a foreign country – carried out by anyone who is established in Italy or through instruments located in Italy. The Code ensures that the processing of personal data will be respectful for human rights and fundamental freedoms and dignity, with particular reference to the privacy, the personal identity and the right to personal data protection.

10. Review clause

Alfio Bardolla Training Group has the right to review, modify or simply update, in whole or in part, in its sole discretion, in any way and/or at any time, without notice, this Privacy Policy also considering the law or the regulation on personal data protection change. Changes and updates to the Privacy Policy will be notified to users, on the home page of the Site, as soon as adopted and will be binding once posted on the Site in this section.

Please therefore, regularly access this section to verify the publication of the most recent and updated Privacy Policy.

The full text of Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30 June 2003 can be consulted on the site of the Authority for the Protection of Personal Data