What is lead generation?

I was in Austin, Texas recently to take a course entirely focused on lead generation. What is this exactly? It means to generate new names, surnames and phone numbers, especially on the internet.

I reflected on the fact that many of the people complaining about the crisis, saying that their business is not working, that their company is not performing, do not have a lead generation process.

They do not have a model that allows them to consistently and effectively generate, especially for economic benefit, names or traffic in the store where they shop.

In the case of the training business it comes down to names, last names and telephone numbers of people who may be interested in training generated from the internet. In the case of Arnold Coffee, it’s people who come and purchase in the coffee shop.

Now the question is: What are you doing specifically to generate leads? Are you investing in Facebook? Are you investing in any campaign or social network to generate names? If you are not doing so, this is a serious problem, because it means that you have the domain of your business and your business is not entirely predictable. If it is not, then it means that it has no value and you cannot make it grow.

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Lead in Customer: Latest Generation Techniques is the only course in Italy that really explains how to build your brand, how to create effective lead generation campaigns and turn leads into customers.

Lead generation is a fundamental activity! If you do not have it, you have to create it! Create a process and rely on experienced people in this field.
I was in Austin just because I wanted to understand what one of the leading experts on this matter could teach me and what techniques could be used to bring my business to another level.

The message I want to leave you with is this: What are you doing specifically to generate leads? And unless you know what the word “lead” means, you have a problem, because you’re not acting like a true pro-active entrepreneur, instead you’re just waiting and hoping for something to happen.

To Your Financial Freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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