Do you have a proper business or just a job?

Many people dream of setting up their own company. They want to leave their boring job and immerse themselves in their own activities. They aspire to open up a revolutionary company, maybe as a family business.

And the dream slowly, slowly turns into a nightmare.
Why is this? Because in order to run a business you have to think like an entrepreneur, not as an employee.

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The employee tries to work as hard as they can to deal with every aspect of the business, to leave their mark on the work itself, but also on that of other employees.

The true entrepreneur instead focuses on the system. They try to create a company that functions by itself. The true entrepreneur is well aware that they should focus on leadership and strategy and ensure funds are secured for their company.
And this is the real difference between a business and a job.

It’s worse than you think

If you think that the consequences of this error are avoidable, you are wrong.

Because 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.
That’s right, only 20 companies out of 100 survive beyond five years. For the other years, it is a nightmare.Too little time to take care of the company, too little time to devote to the family and too little money to maintain the dream.

Most of the time, entrepreneurs make the same mistakes.
They work in many different areas, but the mistakes are the same in any sector: they act as if they have a job, not a business.

I know these issues because I’ve been there too. And I found the solution after years of research regarding the method that successful entrepreneurs use, those who have built empires while maintaining a good quality of life.

The solution is to understand what it means to be a true entrepreneur. Create a company, enable it to grow independently and set it up in a way that it constantly produces automatic income.
Then move onto the next challenge.

To your financial freedom
Alfio Bardolla

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